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November 26, 2023

Date: 2023/11/26 14:11
Subject: November Packet Radio Bulletin Net Results

R:231126/1411Z 2164@KN4LQN.#RICH.VA.USA.NOAM BPQ6.0.24
R:231126/1405Z 35642@N3MEL.#EPA.PA.USA.NOAM LinBPQ6.0.24

Thank you to everyone who participated this month. Check-ins were a 
little down from last month but with Thanksgiving not to bad at all!

We will be taking December off and will return on the 3rd Sunday in 
January which is the 20th.

We will use the Packet Radio HTML form "Net Check-in", and I will be 
asking for you comments in regards to Packet Radio and EMCOMM.

You can install the html to text forms from this link:


Have a great Holiday Season, stay safe & warm.

Call	  Country	 Grid	  Mode	Band
KX4EF	United States	FM17fo	Digital	80
KC0WEA	United States	DM78ou	Digital	2
KA1VSC	United States	FN31rr	Digital	2
WW4BSA	United States	EM90dd	Digital	2
W1LEM	United States	FN41xs	Digital	2
KM4WSA	United States	FM17gl	Digital	80
KA3VSP	United States	FM29ep	Digital	80
N4HOK	United States	FM17cq	Digital	80
N4WLC	United States	FM17fl	Digital	80
KO4UOQ	United States	FM17fm	Digital	80
W5PWS	United States	FM17fm	Digital	80
N4VEM	United States	FM17em	Digital	80
K0WAV	United States	EM36ek	Digital	2
KN4LQN	United States	FM17ei	Digital	40
NY3J	United States	FN20mc	Digital	2
N3MEL	United States	FM29dx	Digital	2
KE4QCM	United States	EM73ws	Digital	2
KB3PCY	United States	FM29ev	Digital	2
NC8Q	United States	EM79wq	Digital	2
KP3FT	United States	FN22hm	Digital	80
N3FUD	United States	FN10nf	Digital	2
K6RKY	United States	CM95ql	Digital	2
WG0A	United States	EN34iv	Digital	2
KK6HWN	United States	CM97ak	Digital	2
WB2CMF	United States	FN30lu	Digital	2
WY7EMT	United States	DM41vw	Digital	2
KN4KNL	United States	FM17em	Digital	80
KC3QVF	United States	FM29kw	Digital	2

73 de Glenn N3MEL


(View as PDF)

Packet Bulletin Net - PKTNET@USA
November, 2023

Net Control:
   Glenn N3MEL

View net reminder bulletin from N3MEL

WHO: All amateur radio operators
WHAT: Packet Bulletin Net - PKTNET@USA
WHEN: Sunday, November 19, 2023 - 0000 UTC
              Saturday, November 25, 2023 - 2359 UTC
HOW: This net will accept check-ins via BBS Bulletins only. Send a check-in via any participating BBS, with active forwarding, any time during the week.

The coming months will be about sending standard text based forms that can be easily used via Packet Radio Messaging.

Below is a text version of the Field Situation Report (FSR) form. This month N3MEL is asking that we fill out the form and send it back as a Packet Bulletin.

Subject: Callsign, Name, City/Town/County, State
Message (example):      


Packet Radio Bulletin Net


DATE/TIME:= 2023-11-11 10:43:58Z    TASK:= # 01

FROM:= Your Call


INFO (CC):= Your Call, Your Name, Your Town & Your State (This line 
should also be your subject line of you check-in bulletin)

1. Is there an EMERGENT/LIFE SAFETY Need = NO

2. City:= Your City

2a. County:= USA

2b. State:= Your State

2c. Territory:=

3. Reporting Grid Sq:= Your Grid

4a. POTS landlines functioning?:= Unknown - N/A

4b. VOIP landlines functioning?:= Unknown - N/A

5a. Cell phone voice calls functioning?:= Unknown - N/A

5b. Cell phone texts functioning?:= Unknown - N/A

6. AM/FM Broadcast Stations functioning?:= Unknown - N/A

7a. OTA TV functioning?:= Unknown - N/A

7b. Satellite TV functioning?:= Unknown - N/A

7c. Cable TV functioning?:= Unknown - N/A

8. Public Water Works functioning?:= Unknown - N/A

9a. Commercial Power functioning?:= Unknown - N/A

9b. Commercial Power Stable?:= Unknown - N/A

9c. Natural Gas Supply functioning?:= Unknown - N/A

10. Internet functioning?:= Unknown - N/A

11a. NOAA weather radio functioning?:= Unknown - N/A

11b. NOAA weather radio audio degraded?:= Unknown - N/A

12. Additional Comments: Select the best choice above that best 
describes your location.

13. POC:= Your Call


The participant map will be updated throughout the duration of the net at:


Don't feel obligated to enter a detailed message if it's difficult; the important part is the Subject line!

Here's a simple web form here to help create the Field Situation Report (FSR) plain text:


The VDEN website (http://vden.org) includes information about the Central Virginia BBSes, how to send personal mail and bulletins, and methods for connecting over RF (Packet / Vara via Terminal / Winlink / Outpost).

Bulletins created on the N4VEM BBS will be forwarded over Vara FM to the KN4LQN BBS, which will then forward over Vara HF to the N3MEL BBS and the wider regional packet network.

Reach out if you have any questions!
David KN4LQN

For more information about Winlink in Virginia, please see the Virginia EmComm public Facebook group.

For more information about the Central Virginia digipeater, N4VEM, please see VDEM Amateur Radio Communications Auxilliary (ARCA).