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June 24, 2024

Date: 2024/06/23 21:33  (UTC)
Subject: June Packet Radio Bulletin Net Results (PKTNET)

R:240623/2133Z 5952@KN4LQN.#RICH.VA.USA.NOAM BPQ6.0.24
R:240623/2129Z 44549@N3MEL.#EPA.PA.USA.NOAM LinBPQ6.0.24

Here are the results of the net this month, thank you to
you all for your check-ins.

Be looking for the July instructions will be asking for
everyone to send at least one additional message for your

Call	   Country	 Grid	 Mode	Band
KM6CQ	United States	DM09ch	Digital	AXIP
N2KGC	United States	FN22mo	Digital	AXIP
N2MH/4	United States	FM03ww	Digital	AREDN
NY3J	United States	FN20mc	Digital	80
N3MEL	United States	FM29dx	Digital	VHF
KC3QVF	United States	FM29kw	Digital	AXIP
WG3K	United States	FM18rp	Digital	AXIP
K1MAL	United States	FN31mm	Digital	AREDN
KN4QGQ	United States	FM17fn	Digital	80
KP4BM	United States	EL96ua	Digital	AREDN
W5PWS	United States	FM17fm	Digital	80
WD3O	United States	FM17em	Digital	80
N4VEM	United States	FM17em	Digital	80
N1VCU	United States	FM17ep	Digital	80
K3CLM	United States	FN00vv	Digital	AXIP
W1LEM	United States	FN41xs	Digital	AREDN
KA3VSP	United States	FM29ep	Digital	80
KP3FT	United States	FN22hm	Digital	80
KB1NAL	United States	FN31wn	Digital	AREDN
K4JTT	United States	EL98nm	Digital	AXIP
KD4LEM	United States	FM17gp	Digital	80
KN4LQN	United States	FM17ei	Digital	40
N2GWK	United States	EM77gu	Digital	AREDN
KO4UOQ	United States	FM17fm	Digital	80
N4WLC	United States	FM17fl	Digital	80
AE4OK	United States	FM17go	Digital	80
KK6HWN	United States	CM97ak	Digital	AXIP
N2MH	United States	FN20ut	Digital	AREDN
N4HOK	United States	FM17cq	Digital	40
K6RKY	United States	CM95ql	Digital	AREDN
KN4KNL	United States	FM17em	Digital	40
K0WAV	United States	EM36ek	Digital	AREDN
WB2CMF	United States	FN30lu	Digital	AREDN
K1YON	United States	FN32ma	Digital	AREDN
KB3PCY	United States	FM29ev	Digital	VHF

73 de Glenn N3MEL


(View as PDF)

Packet Bulletin Net - PKTNET@USA
June, 2024

Net Control:
   Glenn N3MEL

View net reminder bulletin from N3MEL

WHO: All amateur radio operators
WHAT: Packet Bulletin Net - PKTNET@USA
WHEN: Sunday, June 16, 2024 - 0000 UTC
              Saturday, June 22, 2024 - 2359 UTC
HOW: This net will accept check-ins via BBS Bulletins only. Send a check-in via any participating BBS, with active forwarding, any time during the week.

This month, net control has asked participants to use the Check-In Form available from the html to text Packet Radio forms. The form is available at:



Subject: Your Call, Your Name, Your Town & Your State
Message: (Form contents from the above links)



Using the Net Check-in form (see example below) as your check-in for this month.

Feel free to add any comments you would like to share with the group!






a. Date/Time: 2024-06-22 10:26

b. To: All Stations

c. From: Your Call    d. Station Contact Name: Your Name    e. Initial


a. Type: EXERCISE    b. Service: AMATEUR    c. Band: VHF

d. Session: AX25 Packet


a. Location: Your Town, State,

b. GRID SQUARE: Your Grid

4. COMMENTS: Please submit your comment(s) here


The participant map will be updated throughout the duration of the net at:


Don't feel obligated to enter a detailed message if it's difficult; the important part is the Subject line!

The VDEN website (https://vden.org) includes information about the Central Virginia BBSes, how to send personal mail and bulletins, and methods for connecting over RF (Packet / Vara via Terminal / Winlink / Outpost).

Bulletins created on the N4VEM BBS will be forwarded over Vara FM to the KN4LQN BBS, which will then forward over Vara HF to the N3MEL BBS and the wider regional packet network.

Reach out if you have any questions!
David KN4LQN

For more information about Winlink in Virginia, please see the Virginia EmComm public Facebook group.

For more information about the Central Virginia digipeater, N4VEM, please see VDEM Amateur Radio Communications Auxilliary (ARCA).